Frequently Asked Questions

What is TechLeer?

TechLeer - The latest technology news on AI, VR, AI.

Can I contribute on

Yes, you can contribute on But your contribution is subjected to a quality check by moderators.

What all articles I can contribut on

Articles related to AI, VR, AI.

Is there any limit on my Articles Submission?

Yes, you can submit only 5 articles per day.

How long do the moderators take to evaluate my Articles Submission?

Moderators at usually take 4 to 5 hours to evaluate.

Will I be notified if my articles gets an approval (or rejection)?

Yes, Will be notified through email.

I saw something on the site that I created. Who can I contact about this?

We want to ensure that the original creators of anything we share on this site are fully credited for what they do. You can send an email to us at [email protected] in the event that your content is on the site but you don't want it there. Add an angry emoticon to your email and then we will take it down right away.

I saw something online that offended me. Is there a way that you can remove it?

If you have a complaint about what we've got here then please post a message at [email protected] and list the URL of the post that you are opposed to.

I'm an advertiser/media executive and I want to get in touch with you.

You can write to us at [email protected] if you're interesting in forming an advertising partnership with us.

Important Guidelines For Articles Submission?

As great as our site is, you will have to submit your content based on a series of guidelines.

  • 1. Your content must be at least 100 to 150 characters long.
  • 2. Your content also needs at least one image.
  • 3. All images must be of high quality. You also have to mention the link that you got your image from as a means of avoiding copyright concerns.
  • 4. Your article must not contain any religious, political or adult content nor should it encourage the use of alcohol, drugs or other questionable substances.
  • 5. All articles should be related to AI, VR, AR. Send your articles to [email protected] today!

Added Notes

  • Only articles that we select will be published.
  • All published articles cannot be shared or published in other spaces.