Cognitive computing and artificial intelligence, next big wave in supercomputing

June 8, 2017, 7:47 p.m. By: Vishakha Jha


Cognitive computing is an outgrowth of artificial intelligence, which has the aim of making computers more capable of independent reasoning and to solve complex problems similar to humans, it is the process that counts whereas AI is about making computers solve complex problems and to exceed humans in accuracy, it is the result that counts.

Cognitive computing can be applied to Robotic and cognitive automation for automation of repeatable tasks to improve quality and accuracy, Cognitive engagement to compute customer actions at personalized scale and it can also estimate hidden patterns and relationships to identify new opportunities and solutions for innovation.

Initially, improvement in computer processing and data storage made it possible to analyze a great amount of data which was produced by connecting more devices and machines to the Internet. This led to improvement in computer speech and image recognition. All of these up gradations brought artificial intelligence closer to its goal of creating intelligent machines, which we call cognitive computing.

Now looking inward at the aspect of how AI is different from cognitive computing. Let us consider that they had to analyze a database of medical records and journal articles to determine treatment for a patient. "In an artificial intelligence system," says IoT analyst, Hoffenberg "the system would have told the doctor which course of action to take based on its analysis. In cognitive computing, the system provides information to help the doctor decide."

So we can say that both AI and cognitive computing remain closely similar, but they differ in their approach to interact naturally with humans. Cognitive computing is designed to solve problems by thinking, reasoning, and remembering whereas AI aims to get you direct result with improved accuracy. Increases in demand for both these technologies are expected in the days to come as we transit towards a technology driven industry.

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