Easy Cut and Paste using AR + ML

June 13, 2020, 8:43 a.m. By: Kirti Bakshi

AR and ML Cut and Paste

Computer vision and Augmented reality have made some amazing innovations in the market of technology in the last few years. And one of the latest being the ability of Google Lens to copy real-world text and paste it into an app: Presenting AR Cut and Paste!

What is AR Cut and Paste?

The AR Cut and Paste app, presented by a programmer Cyril Diagne, is a research prototype of AR + ML that allows the user to take a snap of the real-world objects, cut out the elements from its background, and then get it pasted into an image editing software.

Video Source: YouTube

At present, while the use of the app requires the presence of Photoshop on your PC and requires you to create a local server to link the app to Photoshop on your computer, it is expected to handle different outputs in the future as well.

Modules of the AR Cut and Paste App:

The research prototype at present has three independent modules:

  • The mobile app: It can be deployed on your mobile.

  • The local Server: That acts as an interface between the mobile app and Photoshop and finds out the position pointed on the screen by the camera making the use of Screenpoint.

  • The service of object detection/background removal: At present, it is the salience detection and background removal that have been delegated to an external service.

Even though AR Cut and Paste is currently a research prototype and not a consumer/photoshop user tool, it still presents an impressive use of machine learning and computer vision.

And this could definitely come handy for presentations and image editing, by automating a lot of manual work out of the process!

For more information regarding the same, please refer to the link below.