Elon Musk using Open AI to train robots in VR

June 3, 2017, 12:22 p.m. By: Pranjal Kumar


Elon Musk is known for doing the things that other cannot even think of doing it. Well, this time also he has surprised us all. According to the latest development, it is known that Elon Musk is using the VR technology to train robots to do multiple tasks.

OpenAI is the Elon Musk’s artificial intelligence research company. Open AI revealed that it has developed a new system that teaches the robots how to perform a particular task using HTC VIVE.

Any trainer put the VIVE and with the help of position tracked controls, he acts out the task that he wants to teach the robot. This task could be very simple one like picking a particular box.

The robots record the data and learn about the entire process and then it imitates it in real life.

The robot has a camera attached to it which it uses to see the nearby environment. There are two neural networks that work together to get the arms to move in correlation to what the robot is seeing.

The company said that this is just the beginning of the project. Later they want to teach even more complex task to the robots with the help of VR technology.

Image Source: Affinity VR