Microsoft demos language model that writes code based on signature and comment.

May 30, 2020, 2:32 p.m. By: Merlyn Shelley

Microsoft demos language model

In the elaborative video, Microsoft CTO Kevin Scott narrated the significant evolution of future technology. He starts with how the age of computers expands with a broad spectrum of scope and utilities. He then explains about the importance of thinking beyond cloud technologies how machines can be deployed to make life productive and straightforward.

He also stipulated the ongoing global crisis pandemic Covid-19 and its disastrous effects on every unit of the world. Then he discusses the significance of virtual technologies connecting people to fight against this pandemic situations. He also indicated how Microsoft has involved during this crisis in producing an ample solution to combat catastrophes.

To develop this supermassive OpenAI model, Microsoft deploys a supercomputer that is trained with Github's open-source software repositories. Yup, Microsoft has come up with the new massive OpenAI model that is capable of generating codes from natural language comments and signature. So now, developers need not write codes instead simply write English comments to establish a task!

Yep, This working model was demonstrated on the video with a simple illustration of palindrome function.

Microsoft uses these mighty models by compression techniques that resemble that of the intellicode features. The coding model utilises either English/natural language comments, or simply function signatures, to generate the complete functionality of the stipulated methods. This vast evolution was found to be a technological breakthrough in this tough situation.

Note: If you want to re-watch one of the most impressive AI demos, fast forward to 29:00 of this video where the thing writes code based on your natural language comment of what the code should do:

Video Source: Microsoft