Free early book on Model-Based Machine Learning

May 28, 2020, 4:40 p.m. By: Merlyn Shelley


Got wrecked of trying so many algorithms for solving a single machine learning problem?

Are you looking for a better approach to solve the complex ML problems?

Then you would be curious to know about model-based machine learning techniques that could solve all your chaos factors while approaching a real-world problem. Also, this book guarantees that you will not use more than one model for solving a single problem!

Yep this book is for you! Model-Based Machine Learning. This is an Early access edition available only on the mbmlbook it's absolutely free to access!

How can machine learning solve the problem?

Machine learning is an extensive area of research that helps in solving complex problems with mathematical computations and algorithms. But this book will reveal a brand new strategy of solving the problem by designing an algorithm that fits in the problem.

The above book is a definitive guide on addressing the real-life machine learning problems through explicit models. This book is not going to show you the crude algorithmic approach. Instead, it constitutes a series of case studies based on real-life problems and prepares you on how to quantify a problem with assumptions that would result in model-based solutions.

This MBML book is planned for continual developments. Here you will find a few case studies that can relate to the efficiency of problem-solving with the model-based approach. But more case studies are yet to be discussed as according to the user feedback. So don't forget to place your feedback for creating more chapters.

Let's look into the contents of the book now,

Table of Contents

  • A Murder Mystery

  • Assessing People's Skills

  • Meeting Your Match

  • Uncluttering Your Inbox

  • Making Recommendations

  • Understanding Asthma

  • Harnessing The Crowd

These are the few problems resolved using the model-based technique. The book ensures the readers for more additional chapters along with the source codes for a complete understanding of the model-based machine learning concept.


Website: Model-Based Machine Learning