Bosque: New programming language from Microsoft

May 18, 2020, 5:37 p.m. By: Harshita Kaur


Microsoft has introduced the world to a new programming language - BOSQUE for Artificial Intelligence (AI). Bosque is an open-source language that is designed to write simple codes that can be easily understood by humans and machines.

Bosque, although is still a research project, has made its place among developers as a regularized programming model that can enhance productivity of programmers and provides a more reliable software development lifecycle. The Chief Developer of this language, Mark Marron (Computer Scientist, Microsoft) says that this language has been developed in such a way that it is feasible to eliminate accidental complexity in development and coding process while retaining the required performance, software quality, and other features.

The Bosque programming provides advanced assistance to the cloud developers by using the functionalities of Microsoft’s TypeScript inspired syntax, Node/JavaScript inspired semantics and types plus ML. The features possessed by this language are not seen in any other language altogether, thus setting a foundation of unlocking the future in AI and Synthesis in the development pipeline.


  • The developers mention that the Bosque is ground-up, open-source language, simple to write codes and easy to understand.

  • The programming language supports a simple and non-opinionated type system providing developers a range of structural, nominal and combination types.

  • Bosque provides flexible encoding in problem solving.

  • It is free from loops and conditions and is fully determinized.

  • Node.js developers of Bosque have tried to reshape data involving copying, merging, and updating data from various sources into a new representation.

  • Specialized Bulk Algebraic data operations and integrated support for processing ‘none’ or optional data has been provided by the developers.

  • The call arguments of JavaScript ES6, operators spread and rest were introduced in Bosque as an important feature.

  • The atomic constructor feature allows Bosque to use construction via direct field initialization in order to construct entities. This approach highlights the simplification approach instead of complex constructors.

  • Other features include pipeline support for collection processing and supporting if and match as expressions.

GitHub Reference : Bosque Programming Language