7 Best AR Development SDKs of 2020

May 14, 2020, 4:56 p.m. By: Harshita Kaur


AR SDK fuels the development of augmented reality. Isn’t it exciting to develop an Augmented Reality app? Well, going down the list, here are some best AR development SDK’s of 2020:


ARKit: ARKit is one of the largest mobile platforms at present. It is an SDK for software developers, to create augmented reality applications and games for iPhones and iPads. It supports iOS 11/12 platforms. ARKit aids 2-dimensional image detection, 2D image tracking. Development of those applications are allowed by SDK that recognizes 3D objects and spaces/voids, can differentiate between virtual and real objects and can place virtual objects on surfaces. Some apps that add up to the list of ARKit apps 2020 are- Ikea Place, Overstock(US online retailer app), Housecraft, Giphy World, and the list goes on.

Web link: ARKit


ARCore: ARCore or to be more precise, Google ARCore is a platform of development where augmented applications (AR Apps) are built for reality experiences. It uses three important features to integrate real world with virtual world as viewed through a phone’s camera. They are:

  • Motion Tracking

  • Light Estimation

  • Environmental Understanding

Web link: ARCore


Vuforia: Vuforia implements functionalities like recognition of the different types of visual objects such as a box, plane or a cylinder, texts, environments recognition, VuMark. Object targets can be created and scanned using Vuforia Object Scanner.

Web link: Vuforia Engine


ARtoolkit: It is an open source tracking library used for augmented reality supporting features like tracking of simple black squares, tracking of planar images, optical head-mounted display support and so on.

Web link: ARToolKit


Wikitude: For any professional and skilled developer, wikitude is the most appreciated one. It offers features like scene recognition, extended tracking and recording of objects, instant targets, windows support, and many more. It is beneficial to the developing markerless AR apps for iOS/Android as compared to ARKit and ARCore.

Web link: Wikitude


AR.js: AR.js is a lightweight library, JavaScript-powered SDK for web. It is free, effective and an open source that works effectively on every mobile device with webGL and webrtc.

Web link: ARJS

Amazon Sumerian

Amazon Sumerian: Amazon Sumerian integrated with AWS is used to create engaging 3D experiences and provide easy access to machine learning, chatbots, code execution and so many other developments in the respective field. It is a web-based platform and is able to run on hardware from AR/VR.

Web link: Amazon Sumerian