Tobii to help VR developers using eye tracking development kit for HTC Vive

June 1, 2017, 8:15 p.m. By: Pranjal Kumar


Tobii is known for its specialization in eye tracking technologies. The company has announced the availability of its development kit for HTC Vive.

This will help the developers to unlock the new technology in the field of virtual reality.

The VR4 for HTC Vive is a retrofit service to Vive’s business edition. The Vive’s business edition comes with HMD kit, Tobii software development kit, Tobii VR4 and Tobii example applications.

The president of Tobii eye tracking technology said,” Eye tracking is the next big thing in the virtual reality field. The company is determined to provide help to VR developer community. It will help developers to use their creativity and skill to discover something new in the VR field.”

But the company said that the device will not be made available publicly. Those who are interested will need to register through a dedicate website. After this Tobii will contact them with a quote for purchasing.

The company has not released the price but has told that shipment will begin from the next month.

Eye tracking in its basic form can allow the users to interact with an NPC. It could be used to develop foveated rendering which allows the player's viewpoint to be fully rendered at max resolution.

Tobii is surely pushing itself in the VR technology.

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