Check your financial statement using AR: Interesting advancement in Augmented Reality!

May 8, 2020, 3:20 p.m. By: Kirti Bakshi

AR Card

Augmented Reality, one of the biggest trends today, has taken the world by storm. This technology allows you to take a shallow dive into an imaginary world by adding layers of digital information onto it, ultimately changing the perception of reality.

Knowing the power it holds, It is pretty evident that today Apple, that has the world's largest AR platform is all about Augmented Reality, leaving no better way to experience AR!

However, an extraordinary concept from Volodymyr Kurbatov, tries to take AR into the near future by introducing the Apple Card to a whole new level: Using augmented reality with the physical Apple Card.

A curiosity to take a step further and explore ways to interact with the UI, led the AR/VR Product Designer to build out the user experience of Apple Card into a new concept video that demonstrates how combining AR with the Apple Card could give the user information about their finances.

The video shows activation of AR experience on picking up the Apple Card and sliding your thumb up and down its scrollable interface as one would on an iPhone, while information appears alongside it.

What can happen? A few swipes can not only show you information of your balances or recent transactions but as well as allow you to set a new credit limit and much more! A part also shows shaking the card to get back to the menu.

At present, though there is no evidence of the company working on an AR reality experience for the Apple card, but with AR Glasses on its list that might be released in the coming few years, a concept like this coming into reality wouldn't really be out of question!

For a deeper insight into the concept, links for the same are mentioned below:

Video Source : Volodymyr Kurbatov