MIT Deep Learning Basics: Introduction and Overview.

Jan. 19, 2019, 12:14 a.m. By: Kirti Bakshi


This video comprises of an introductory lecture that aims at overviewing the basics of deep learning including a few key ideas, subfields, as well as bringing a highlight to the big picture of why Neural Networks have inspired and energized an entire new generation of researchers.

The video starts with the basics, fundamentals of Deep learning and also Answering questions like what Deep Learning is, why do we need it now, and where do we presently stand in this field.

Moving on, The video then unfolds the history of Deep learning Ideas and milestones, transitioning into deeper concepts and bringing forward various topics like Tensorflow, Artificial Intelligence and more.

The outline of the video is as follows:

Outline of MIT Deep Learning Basics- Introduction and Overview:

  • 0:00- Introduction

  • 0:53- Deep learning in one slide

  • 4:55- History of ideas and tools

  • 9:43- Simple example in TensorFlow

  • 11:36- TensorFlow in one slide

  • 13:32- Deep learning is representation learning

  • 16:02- Why deep learning (and why not)

  • 22:00- Challenges for supervised learning

  • 38:27- Key low-level concepts

  • 46:15- Higher-level methods

  • 1:06:00- Toward artificial general intelligence

Given above is just an abstract of the video. For more information regarding the same, one can refer to the links mentioned below:

MIT Deep Learning Basics- Introduction and Overview:

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