Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, Fall 2018: Materials of CS 188 published by UC Berkeley and Berkeley AI Research(BAIR)

Jan. 7, 2019, 1:31 p.m. By: Kirti Bakshi


This specific course that sums itself up in 16-weeks will bring to its audience the basic ideas and techniques underlying the design of intelligent computer systems. A specific emphasis will also be made on the statistical as well as decision-theoretic modelling paradigm.

What are the Prerequisites for this course?

  • CS 61A or 61B: It is expected that an individual has some Prior experience in computer programming

  • CS 70 or Math 55: Facility with basic concepts of propositional logic and probability are expected.

  • Recommended Backgrounds: S61A AND CS61B AND CS70 are the recommended backgrounds.

So what are the ways of communication for this course?

There will be several routes of communication for this course:

  • The main mode of electronic communication between students and staff, as well as among students, will be with the help of Piazza. It is intended for general questions about the course, clarifications about assignments, student questions to each other, discussions about the material, and so on.

  • It is strongly encouraged that the students participate in the discussion, ask, and answer questions through this site. The discussions will be monitored by the course staff very closely.

  • If an individual needs to contact the course staff privately, they can as well email cs188. One may of course contact the professors or GSIs directly, but the staff list will produce the fastest response and hence, is preferred.

What will you get out of this course?

  • By the end of this 16-week course, an individual will have built autonomous agents that efficiently make decisions in fully informed, partially observable as well as adversarial settings.

  • Your agents will draw inferences in uncertain environments and as well actions for arbitrary reward structures.

  • Your machine learning algorithms will classify both handwritten digits and photographs.

  • The techniques learned by an individual in this course apply to a wide variety of artificial intelligence problems and will serve as the foundation for further study in any application area that an individual chooses to pursue.

Adding further, The Course programming assignments for the individuals will be in Python. It is not assumed that students have any previous experience with the language, and therefore, it is not expected that you to learn the basics very rapidly.

For more information, slides, deadlines, lecture schedule, questions and more regarding the same, one can go through the site mentioned below:

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