Collaboration between Mettle and Facebook to introduce 360°/VR Depth Plug-in

May 26, 2017, 8:44 p.m. By: Vishakha Jha


Mettle has push forward the notion of empowering artists with digital tools and support them with different developing software. Mettle has been working to shape 360°/VR medium worldwide which let the user encompass the medium using toolset available for post-production in Adobe After Effects and product line. Mettle has introduced 360°/VR plug-in that has been widely adopted by leading companies such as The New York Times, CNN, HBO, Google, YouTube, Discovery VR, LinkedIn, Apple, Facebook and many more. Mettle plug-in offers tools, effects, and transformation that user can apply to the footage.

Recently Mettle has collaborated with Facebook to work on industry’s first depth-based VFX software for Adobe to leverage 6DoF capabilities i.e. advanced 360 camera technology which allows user to move up/down, left/right, forward/backward with a pitch, yaw, and roll in the new surrounding of 360 families of the camera. It includes depth of field effects and depth masking for 360°/VR which will give more control to their user and engage viewers for incredible experiences. It provides the user with a platform to work with fog, volumetric effect, and depth-based masking. Facebook claims to provide end-to-end customers and to connect people through immersive experience using this plug-in.

“The volumetric 6DoF output of Facebook’s new surround 360 cameras unlocks the next dimension of immersive storytelling,” said by Chris Bobotis, President, and Co-founder od Mettle.

The first tool launched will be probably the depth of field. The release date has not been disclosed yet, but all of their tools and plug-ins are designed to work within Premiere Pro and After Effects.

Image Source: mettle