Heroes of Deep Learning: Andrew Ng interviews The Godfather of Deep Learning; Geoffrey Everest Hinton

Dec. 18, 2017, 8:57 p.m. By: Kirti Bakshi

Geoffrey Hinton

Heroes of Deep Learning: Andrew Ng interviews Geoffrey Hinton: This video is one among the series of interviews that have been made by Andrew NG and is available to the audience on YouTube, The videos that were done by him as interviews were basically as part of the deeplearning.ai course.

The ultimate goal of Andrew Ng was to bring ahead to the people some of the greatest minds till today who pioneered the field of deep learning and also made great contributions and advancements in this field that never failed to amaze us, and then allow also them to share with others how they started studying and how they moved ahead with deep learning also including some of their motivations that helped them through the way.

Moving on, not lacking anywhere, the video doesn't end right here, it goes on with giving some advice to people who are interested in joining the field and providing them with the insight as to what are the different ways to get started with the same.

And if, as of now, one hasn't thought of or hasn't studied deep learning, maybe this is exactly the chance to know why you should or shouldn’t get involved with this field of amazement and ideas and find your way out.

Moving on towards this interview,

This specific interview was made with Geoffrey Everest Hinton who is known as one of the fathers of deep learning and is a British-born computer scientist as well as a Canadian cognitive psychologist, who has been most noted for the work that has been presented by him on artificial neural networks. Hinton is known to be an important figure when it comes to the community of deep learning and as of now, the mastermind divides his time efficiently working for both Google as well as the University of Toronto. To add to his glory, even more, he is also known to be one of the first researchers who demonstrated the use of generalized backpropagation algorithm for the training of multi-layer neural nets.

And like all the videos that have been presented by Andrew Ng in this series, this video comprises of Hinton's experiences, his views on Deep Learning, and how his life started to revolve around Deep Learning and what motivated him to do so.

The video, therefore, as a start proves to be a must watch for all those who wish to understand if the field of deep learning is meant for them, or also for all those who have a keen interest in who we can rightly call as- The Godfather of Deep Learning: Geoffrey Hinton.

Heroes of Deep Learning: Andrew Ng interviews Geoffrey Hinton:

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