AWS introduces Amazon ML Solutions Lab

Nov. 29, 2017, 2:36 p.m. By: Prakarsh Saxena

Amazon ML

Amazon Web Services have recently announced the Amazon ML Solutions Lab, a new program which aims to connect machine learning experts and enthusiasts who have been with Amazon as AWS customers to identify and come up with new and innovative uses of machine learning inside the customers’ businesses, and to guide them into using the technology to enhance their products and processes.

Bringing ML closer to more businesses

Amazon has been a pioneer in AI and Machine Learning research and has been investing in the same for more than 20 years, innovating in various areas like fulfillment, logistics, personalisations, recommendations, forecasting, supply chain optimization etc. The Amazon ML Solutions Lab has a vision to provide the same quality models help develop more businesses. The same talent that built the high power machine learning products and services of Amazon, would take businesses through the full process of implementing machine learning, boot camps, advisory professional services, and hands-on help building custom models with our own data.

It targets the help in three ways:

1. Brainstorming and problem formulation: Experts from Amazon will partner to help identify the potential machine learning has to expand the particular business and lay out and plan according to the challenges involved.

2. Custom Modeling: Amazon’s machine learning scientists will work with your own data to build custom models which will be ready to be deployed into production. The models would be highly efficient and optimized with respect to the problem statement.

3. Training: The job just doesn’t end with providing the solution to a particular problem, but would also impart knowledge, experience, deeper insights and educations throughout the process. This would encourage the developers in the client businesses to gain more knowledge and establish better machine learning practices during their product development.

The Amazon ML Solutions Lab will partner to customize the engagement model to specific needs, including hosting at a dedicated facility at the AWS Headquarters in Seattle or sending machine learning model developers to work on-site with the client. For new businesses, this sure is a good chance to get a taste of state-of-the-art machine learning models and techniques early on in the industry which would easily give them a much needed headstart into their successful journey.