Google Attribution: A marketing strategy tool by Google

May 25, 2017, 5:34 p.m. By: Pranjal Kumar

Google Attribution

Google has developed a new way to figure out what influences the customer to make a purchase. This new method is known as “Google Attribution.”

Google aims to help market researchers to understand how their marketing efforts work together to lead to the sale. This will help them to make their marketing strategy more effective and efficient.

Google Attribution is a combination of Google Analytics, Google AdWords, and DoubleClick Search. It brings all the data related to ad across Google to give the broader view of its performance.

This technology is based on the attribution company, Adometry which Google acquired three years ago.

The whole process uses the concept of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

The system assigns the credit to each step in in the customer journey by using machine learning technology. The system analyses each account’s unique conversion patterns.

Google’s senior product manager said,” The market has become more complex than before. There are many factors that affect the sale of a particular product.”

Google Attribution will be initially released in beta phase over the next few month. At first, this service will be free for any advertiser to use.

There will be enterprise version which will be known as ‘Attribution 360’. It will allow the advertiser to connect with more Google product. It will also help the advertiser to monitor the effect of TV ads on the search result and number of visits on the website.

Google is also expanding attribution to video platform and YouTube TrueView campaign. It will allow the advertiser to understand how video ads affect traffic in stores.

Google said that the customer who clicks on Google ads before visiting the store are 25% more likely to make a purchase and to spend to 10% more money than the average.

Image Source: Inside AdWords