Google launches new AR and VR object library called Poly

Nov. 5, 2017, 5:36 p.m. By: Pranjal Kumar


Google has decided to launch Poly (a library of free objects for creators to incorporate into their virtual world). This will make the developers job much easier than before. Developers can easily create and publish their content from apps like Blocks and Tilts. Google wants to establish itself in the field of virtual reality and 3-D modeling and Poly could really help them achieve that.

Google first acquired Tilt Brush (which marked the entering of Google in 3-D modeling). Earlier this year, Google launched Blocks to enable the creation of simple 3D virtual objects. Now with Poly, creations from both apps have a home on the Web.

Initially, Poly will be launched free of cost as Google wants to attract more content creators and developers to use Poly. But, this also means that creator will not be able to earn revenue from their content. Google wants to make Poly a free and shareable platform where everyone can share their work.

Poly will make the addition of animated objects much simpler. Today, if you want to add animation to the VR-based works, then you would have to apply lots of logic and can take years of practice. This is what Google wants to remove. The ultimate goal of Google is to make sure that everyone can add realistic textures and animations easily.

Google said that modelers can upload their work for free and other users can build on their work. This will create a new listing which credits and links back to the original one. We will have to wait for more detailed information from Google regarding Poly.

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Introducing Poly: Browse, Discover and Download 3D Objects:

Video Source: Google