Immersion VR Team releases TrueScale: A Compelling Case For Interior Design With VR

Oct. 29, 2017, 9:33 a.m. By: Kirti Bakshi


The tech industry is always finding new uses for Virtual Reality every day, but the potential VR has for architecture and design applications have always been very obvious. And TrueScale, a ground Breaking interior Design tool released by the Immersion VR team shows you exactly why.

This Interior Design Tool, named TrueScale, can simultaneously create 2D floor plans, full Room--Scale Environments and 3D mockups in VR! With this very tool, now anyone can design their office, house or even apartment in minutes, and then also Virtually experience it First-Hand. Thus, allowing its users to experience their Interior Designs in Real-Scale.

TrueScale starts out in a very stylish space where you can design your floor space just by dragging with a Vive controller. Once you are done making a room to your liking, the floor and walls will right away appear as a miniature 3D model on the desk right next to you. From there you can then use the assets provided from a virtual menu that is leveraged from the Wayfair’s 3D Model API so that you can position furniture within the environment and set them down a little. Hence, enabling you to furnish your designs from a robust catalog of actual furniture and décor.

This tool makes the placement very quick, quite simple and relatively easy, but the things get really interesting when what you need is a little more precision.

The application allows its users to shrink down inside the space to see it on a true scale. Doing so proves to be a very seamless experience with a single button press, and from there you can edit items that are already set down by you, or even place new ones with better accuracy than you could. This tool lets you design from within VR instead of allowing you to just walk around any pre-designed space. You can now design your space as you want and then send it to the contractors to work on it. Seems quite Exciting, doesn't it?

TrueScale provides you with a glimpse that is pretty compelling of what Virtual Reality(VR) can do in the world of interior design, and not to forget, the office space also has us really thinking that if it could be great for mixed reality as well. We've all seen a bit of what this tool will bring to us in The Sims where we created spaces by dragging and using the provided tools. This tool, therefore, is a very enthralling mix of just a little bit of EA’s The Sims and interior design along with VR. In time, Immersion is also looking forward to adding new features to the experience that includes an increased floor level capacity and even a multiplayer mode!

This very new experience from Immersion is now available in Early Access on both Viveport and Steam with the HTC Vive support for $19.99 approx.

TrueScale VR

Video Source: Immersion VR