In A World Of Artificial Intelligence, EQ Is Our Competitive Advantage

Oct. 23, 2017, 9:18 p.m. By: Kirti Bakshi


Artificial intelligence (AI) has been bringing a change in our lives for decades now, but it has never felt more ubiquitous in comparison to how it is today. Artificial Intelligence has now learned, how to learn. It could either make all our dreams come to reality or be the cause of the destruction of our society and the world as we know it today.

There is like not even a week that passes without another AI system that again overcomes an unprecedented hurdle and wins again in outperforming us humans. But how the future of Artificial Intelligence will turn out for humans, and the impact it will have in the time to come, still remains to be seen. Today, We can see the world divided into two, where the Mind versus the heart. Where Artificial Intelligence vs. Emotional Intelligence(EQ). But what we need to ask is- Will they be able to exist without each other in the time to come and will AI win over EQ?

And with the frightening pace that AI continues to evolve, it is something that we can see, that this very technology will very soon not only fundamentally change our lives altogether but will, in fact, alter the path of our revolutionary species and thus prove to be a culture shift of huge proportions. The evolution of Artificial Intelligence continues, raising the same question that has been around and has been asked a number of times- Will Technology replace jobs?

To which the answer has been twisted and turned with statements about how it will help in our advancement and will create jobs instead and is thus good, as AI is not a competition. Either you work with it, or keep fighting it because AI is not going anywhere. We can, therefore, conclude that It will impact us all because the reality is that robots and artificial intelligence have already started to automate a lot of human-based jobs. This means, where before there was a competition against other people for employment and now, humans compete against machines. Machines that can learn.

To be apt, in other words, "smart" will no longer mean the same as it does today. Knowing something more than another individual will not help as Machines can and will always know more and are far smarter than us in this context.

But, The only thing that adds to our advantage over machines is us Humans being Humans. As Emotional Intelligence is the key. The key component to any kind of intelligence, may it be artificial or human, as for the ability to reason, plan or perform tasks effectively, emotional intelligence is what is required.

Human Beings have the capacity for emotions. There is a lot of theory around us questioning if machines can experience emotions or not. But Being self-aware as a machine only means that all that it knows is that, it is a machine. And we can say that it is the same for AI as well, because a truly effective AI will need to have emotional intelligence(EQ), especially for an AI system that is meant to interact, communicate, and also coexist with human beings as they are expected to not only be able to read and interpret the emotions of others but also in return respond to them appropriately. And, currently, that state of emotional awareness in a machine is impossible to attain no matter how artificially intelligent it is. This is right where, if we are to compete for jobs in the future, EQ will prove to be a critical and competitive advantage for us.

In continuation to the same, going in depth with this never ending topic Jon LoDuca, a business strategist, who helps seasoned entrepreneurs in defining and developing profitable applications for their property assets was called upon on Ted Talks as a trusted advisor to provide leadership, market strategy and the resources to harvest and monetize the unique processes as well as the best practices of leading companies.

Sharing his knowledge, He talks about EQ and explains to us how humans have an advantage over technology as humans suck at being Robots. He brings us to a note where he tells us that if the value proposition of humans in jobs or business are reduced to algorithms, then challenges will definitely be faced, sooner or later and presents business models and the laws of the successful EQ companies that include authenticity, empathy and being humbly irrelevant. Moving further also suggests to go ahead and be empathic to everyone around and to break all rules that prevent you from doing so. Because no one knows what is coming. It will just be humanity that will save us.

In a world of AI; EQ is our competitive advantage | Jon LoDuca | TEDxMacatawa

Video Source: TEDx Talks & Image Source: Cosmos