Capture Everest Quest in Virtual Reality

May 23, 2017, 8:52 p.m. By: Vishakha Jha

Everest VR

Capturing Everest is a new four episode documentary series which allows you to have an amazing experience through VR. Series captures a journey of four people ready to climb Everest- including Garrett Madison who summited Everest six times, and Brent Bishop who summited Everest three times- as they climb the giant summit. It was premiered on May 3 and is said to be the first-ever complete ascent of the world’s tallest mountain in virtual reality. Sports Illustrated (SI) and Life VR partnered with the digital media network Endemol Shine Beyond USA to produce the documentary. It is another example of how SI is delivering the access and storytelling and marks the first-ever augmented reality issue from SI.

The first episode captures the journey to Kathmandu, the first stop before they begin their climb. In second episode climbers arrive at Base Camp in the Himalayas and make an offering to the mountain deities. In the third episode, Brent, Lisa, and Jeff attempts to navigate the Khumbu Icefall, one of the deadliest obstacles on the South Col route followed by the fourth episode in which Brent, Lisa, and Jeff makes it to the top

It was filmed over a two-month period last spring, people were allowed on the mountain first time after two years as bad weather and safety concerns canceled the previous climbing seasons.

Viewers will be able to experience first-person views of climbing Mount Everest, because of variety of 360-degree video cameras that captured footage all along the way which included cameras attached to zip lines and body cams on the climbers' harnesses. The VR documentary series can also be viewed through 360 videos on the SI microsite dedicated to the project.

Soon documentary will be available on additional VR platforms for now they can easily be seen through the Life VR app for iOS and Android.

Image Source: SlashGear