Meta 2 adds SteamVR Support and soon to work with VIVE controllers

Sept. 11, 2017, 5:07 p.m. By: Pranjal Kumar

Meta 2

Meta 2 augmented reality headset SDK now supports SteamVR which will allow the developers who have built SteamVR applications to add support for the headset.SteamVR is slowly becoming a multi-headset hub with support for VIVE and Rift and Windows VR (not available currently but will be added soon).

Meta 2 AR headset has now added initial support for SteamVR (in the version 2.3 of their SDK) using Steam Valve’s OpenVR API. So, if you are planning to develop games and apps based on the OpenVR API then you can easily add support for the Meta2 headset.

According to Meta, the initial support is still limited which will allow the headset to render SteamVR content but will older tracking no input. The company has assured that they will soon be adding optimized tracking which will allow user’s hands to function as controllers (thanks to the headset’s hand-tracking tech). The company is also planning to make the headset interoperable with the Vive controllers.

The company is planning to build an AR ecosystem on SteamVR as they are targeting the platform as the headset’s primary hub for content distribution. Well, it still remains to be seen what are the company’s future plans regarding support for other company’s devices.

GitHub link for OpenVR API - Click Here