Humans - Dolphins Conversation Possible by 2021

May 6, 2017, 1:54 p.m. By: Hasan Ali Gumani


Gavagai AB is a Swedish startup and a language technology company. Originated at the Swedish Institute of Computer Science, the company has mastered more than 40 human languages with its innovative software that analyzes languages. The researchers from the KTH Royal Institute of Technology are all set to team up with the professionals of Gavagai AB to test the software’s capability to understand the thoughts and language of dolphins.

The newly formed team is planning to make a dictionary based on dolphin’s language. This will be done by monitoring bottlenose dolphins and using Gavagai’s artificial intelligence (AI) language analysis software to decode the dolphins’ sound. On the basis of this innovative software, availability of a large pool of dolphin data, computational resources and newer ways of recording, the team is sure that it will be able to crack the challenge.

Gavagai’s AI technology allows for textual analysis in 40 languages. This means one can monitor as well as compare various concepts, and provide quick visual insights into a range of possible responses that are emotional.

Artificial Intelligence: Overcoming all the Challenges

Perhaps one would wonder why evolve a technology to converse with dolphins? This might sound strange, but in context, it totally makes sense. Apart from being beneficial to the zoologists, the technology will assist businesses as well.

Machine Learning and artificial intelligence are already being used by giants such as Amazon and Alphabet to respond quickly to their customers’ requests. This dolphin testing is no less than a next level testing for these kinds of capabilities. Above all, the research will also help Gavagai AB to put its tool to other uses and improve it based on the result of the study.

Also, few of the applications of this testing are quite predictable (though some of them are controversial). For instance, the US Navy has used aquatic beings, including dolphins, for mine-seeking. If all goes as per the plan, it would be easy for the soldiers to communicate with the dolphins let alone finding the mines.

Another application could be communicating the alien forms. Even if we sure shot find alien life, we will need to mull over the ways to communicate with it. Mastering the language of aliens seems like a smart next step for the Gavagai’s system if we someday hope to utilize artificial intelligence to communicate with the extraterrestrial life forms.