RapidMiner - The Best Data Science Platform For Predictive Analytics

July 26, 2017, 8:46 p.m. By: Vishakha Jha


RapidMiner is integrated data science software platform i.e. basically a software hub which incorporates all data science work. It includes integrating and scrutinising data from different informants, coding and developing models that leverage that data, avails those models for fabrication, and sum up the results, through model-powered applications or documents.

RapidMiner has an excellent feature of providing an effortless solution which makes it easier for modern analysts to carry out predictive analytics. It is applicable for business, research, training and commercial applications along with many other areas. It aims to equip a unified environment for data preparation, machine learning, deep learning, data mining and others.

The platform improves the development of the analytical system from data formulation to machine learning to establish an environment. It also intends to upgrade the efficiency and reducing the time, in turn enhancing the project value. Platform is developed on an open core model and elevates the productivity of data mining team by an open source platform. It provides users with- RapidMiner Studio, Server and Radoop.

RapidMiner Studio

It is a dynamic visual workflow designer which works swiftly towards constructing predictive analytic workflows. This is a versatile tool that emphasises on data preparation and ML algorithm for providing the support to data science projects. It has the potential to reach for any data sources of any format and enabling data exploration. It also allows Data Cleansing, Combining and exploration. It constructs and provides a better model in faster and well-organized manner.

RapidMiner Server

It makes effortless dispense, restate and operationalize the predictive models along with the creation of results in RapidMiner Studio. It supports teamwork and allows rapid application of results due to the availability of central repository & management which is focussed on enhancing computation power and flexible deployment. It has the ability to trigger event-driven model execution along with managing models and security. It can also execute on business hardware from any geographical location as well as consist of Shared server-based repository that provides user-friendly dashboards and security services.

RapidMiner Radoop

It implements Hadoop by undertaking RapidMiner Studio, providing the value of users data for a great many machine learning applications. It aims to reduce the complexity of Hadoop, enhances time to value along with ensuring security. It supports SparkR, PySpark, Pig and HiveQ scripts. It also consists of incorporated intelligence that transforms workflows into Hadoop.

According to Gartner, RapidMiner is stated as a leader for the fourth year in a row. Gartner identifies Leaders as having the highest combined scores for Ability to Execute and Completeness of Vision. RapidMiner has been adopted by over hundreds of thousands of active user. It has been expanding dramatically turning out to be one of the best data science platform available and said to deliver game-changing expertise for predictive analytics community.

Introduction to RapidMiner

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