Now Your Smartphones will understand what they see with Google Lens

May 21, 2017, 8:51 a.m. By: Hasan Ali Gumani

Google Lens

Sundar Pichai, Google’s CEO, at Google’s I/O developer conference 2017 announced a new technology called Google Lens. This advanced technology will leverage Google’s computer vision and AI technology to make the smartphone cameras understand what they capture.

During a demo, it was shown how you could point your smartphone’s camera at something, and it tells you what it is. In the demo, the lens of the camera recognizes a flower and flourishes the owner with its information.

In another example, the Sundar showed how you could undertake common tasks with the help of Google lens. The smartphone snapped router sticker and connected to the internet. Following the second example, the Google Lens demonstration also included figuring out rating, review and other information of a business, hotel or restaurant on the street.

The Google Lens technology turns your camera into an interactive tool from a passive tool that’s merely capturing your surrounding.

Video Courtesy: CNET

Further, during the conference, Google showed how the Google Lens technology would be integrated into Google Assistant. With the help of a new button in the Assistant App, the users will be able to launch the Lens and insert any photo for its processing and mining data out of it. This was demonstrated by Google’s Scott Huffman who held his camera on a concert marquee and asked the Google Assistant to add that into his calendar.

The integration of Google Lens into Assistant will also help with the translation of foreign languages. Scott held his camera to a Japanese text and asked it to translate it for him which was perfectly executed by the Google Assistant.

Pichai also mentioned how Google’s algorithm could help you with photo enhancement and removing unwanted objects. This was shown with a picture of a child playing baseball clicked through a chain-link fence and further removing it with the help of an algorithm. The same algorithm could be used to reduce the noise in the images, make it less pixelated and blurry, and give it more clarity.

Though no official date for Google Lens was announced but it was mentioned that it is coming soon.

Image source: New Atlas