JigSpace uses ARKit to give all the “how to do" information about everything

July 19, 2017, 4:48 p.m. By: Pranjal Kumar


Google recently released the list of most searched queries which indicated that people search “how to do” query the most. It can be anything like “how to eat with chopsticks” or “how to dance” or “how to download videos from YouTube”. But, sometimes finding through all the results can be the hectic process. This is where JigSpace can solve your problem.

JigSpace is a “How to do” manual that aims to cover practically any product and device on the planet. But, you might ask what is the need for this and why is it different than the rest of similar technologies. Well, Jigspace is based on Apple’s market. There are few AR platforms that act as the instructional platform but none is similar to Jigspace. For example, you brought new ceiling fan or some instrument. The company does provide the manual with these products but sometimes they are not enough. There may be many cases that you need more information than what’s written on manual. So, in these cases, you can use JigSpace. JigSpace would present a 3-D model of that product (ceiling fan in this case). Then, it will provide a step-by-step guide to set up that object in real time. So, you can see the virtual connection being made in front of you from any angle and then replicate that in real life.

The biggest advantage is that JigSpace works off of the user generated content. There are different 3-D models and instruction that are already present on the different websites. The integration of ARKit will bring all into the real world through users iPhone’s screen which will enhance the user experience. The company also plans to increase its content through partnerships with different companies and applying new technology.

Zac Duff, CEO of JigSpace believes that the key to success of the product will depend on the how engaged community is. The company also wants to promote the product and encourage more users to contribute to the company.

This app certainly has the potential to become the most successful ARKit product as it deals with the most commonly faced issues. Let’s see how the company goes about this product.

JigSpace + ARKit (Augmented Reality)

Video Source: JigSpace