Automating automation: framework for developing deep learning models

July 9, 2017, 8:29 p.m. By: Pranjal Kumar

Automating automation

Artificial Intelligence, Deep learning, and machine learning are the three technology that is being on rising for quite some time now. All the big companies have already shifted to use this technology on the regular basis. But now even the small developers have started to use AI. But one of the problems that the developers have to face is that AI can be quite hard to understand and use. But now, DimensionalMechanics have decided to help the developers get rid of this problem.

They have developed NeoPulse AI studio as a part of NeoPulse Framework which combines various interesting features. Many small companies use DL framework that they are going to work with and then understand their working and API and then train it by feeding the sample data before integrating it in your app. This can be the hectic process which is solved by NeoPulse.

First, you can search for a model that does this for you in NeoPulse AI store which is quite similar to the app store (just that you can shop for DL models rather than apps). According to DimensionalMechanics, the store will initially have only those models that are built using NAIS to control their internal structure. The rates charged will be based on the model specifics like size, the computational power required. The ultimate goal of the company is to make the marketplace affordable so that developers can monetize their app quickly.

According to DimensionalMechanics, they have classified model that can identify objects in the video. The company said that it can be used in two ways one in the cloud and in other the company would license the product to the developer. The developers will have the option of re-training the software according to their data set. But NAIS has many pre-built functions which mean that you will not have to train the model from scratch. NAIS also uses the latest ML research to reduce the data requirements.

But, there may be a situation that you are not able to find the model according to your need. The company has also taken care of this need by allowing the developers to create their own model. All you have to do is learn the new language called NML (and Oracle is there to help you in this). Oracle is an AI that knows how to construct AI models.