CrowdFlower providing AI for your business

July 2, 2017, 7:44 p.m. By: Vishakha Jha


CrowdFlower is San Francisco-based data mining and crowdsourcing company. It focuses on solving data problems and combine best of machine intelligence to collect clean data irrespective of its size and complexity. It is the essential human-in-the-loop AI platform for data science teams. Human-in-the-loop is basically a model that requires human interaction and is associated with modelling in the live, virtual, and constructive backgrounds. The company also offers a software as a service which allows users to access an online workforce to clean and customise data.

Data scientists are the basic users of CrowdFlower who use the software to create training data to build models and train machine learning algorithms. The software platform supports a wide range of use cases including self-driving cars, intelligent personal assistants, social data insight, CRM data enrichment and search relevance. It works for content moderation, which will help you keep only the best content according to your requirements. It also works for Data Categorization, Data Collection to enhance your business data at massive scale, Image Annotation that marks up images for AI, Transcription to transform images, pdfs, or short audio into text and much more.

It assists customers to generate high-quality developed training data for their machine learning initiatives with easy-to-deploy models and integrated workflow. Once data is uploaded to the system, it automatically assigns the work to contributors and tests them for the answers that are hidden within the task.

It follows a concept that machines cannot absolutely replace humans, but they can effectively augment humans and can replace human judgement from the high confidence predictions. It aims to provide an automated business process faster and more accurate by providing a great set of opportunities for users.

Video Source: CrowdFlower