Apple teams up with IKEA to release ARKit powered augmented reality app

June 24, 2017, 1:01 p.m. By: Pranjal Kumar


Apple has announced that it is joining hands with IKEA to launch ARKit powered augmented reality app in the fall along with the launch of iOS 11. After this announcement, one thing is very clear that Apple is now shifting its focus to augmented reality and virtual reality.

IKEA’s app will allow the users to place any virtual furniture at home in real time through an iOS device’s display. It will give an idea about how the new furniture will look in their home before actually buying the furniture. It will also help the customers to make the correct decision regarding buying the furniture. It will use the device development platform’s surface identification and measurement capabilities.

In WWDC, Apple did show a small demonstration of the VR display that was capable of displaying small objects on surfaces.

According to IKEA’s transformation manager,” This app will be first of its kind. It will help the customers to make a wise decision before buying any furniture for their home.” He also mentions that at the launch app will have around 500 to 600 furniture company’s products. The company will them regularly update the app adding more products in it.

IKEA also hinted that this app can give the exclusive preview of the furniture before the actual launch of the furniture in the store. They have also hinted that at later stage company plans to add the shopping feature to the app.

The app’s name has not been revealed yet by the company. ARkit was announced at this year’s WWDC. It will support all the iPhone and iPad with 64-bit architecture but some of the features might be limited to newer chipsets only.

IKEA will continue to focus on the furniture industry but will try to use the modern technology to enhance the user experience.